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50% Discount for Dev use Array or simulating FC with the simulator?


I know this is not necessarily sim related specifically, but I would like to simulate FC and don't see a way to do that with the simulator. First question is is it possible to passthru FC/FCoE adapters through VMWare such that the simulator could be forced to recognize them (and use them)? 


If not, I remember reading somewhere that there is a 50% discount from list for all products and maintenance associated with non-production/NFR/dev use systems. I cannot seem to find this document anywhere again, so my partner and my local NetApp sales think I am just making it up to get a special discount. 


I am looking to acquire a box that can run 8.3, CDOT, has FCoE and/or FC support and has probably 6 300GB drives...the cheapest solution to that other than hte simulator that I have seen is the 2520. Yet they want to sell me the hardware at near list, then sell me the software that I don't need (I can use EVAL keys for testing).


This is just a unit that will sit at my house for my own lab - not seems crazy to think for development and testing purposes I would need to spend so much money!





If you don't actually need to pass traffic all the FC config can be done in the 8.3 sim.  It has simulated FC ports.  You can build an FC SVM with FC/FCOE lifs, portsets, igroups, luns, etc.  If you need to actually pass FC traffic you'll have to invest in some gear, but just about everything else can be done with VMs.


If you need FC, you'd be looking at the 2552.  At ~50dba and ~500w, you might not want one running under your desk.