8.2.1 GA vsims have been posted

Along with minor updates to the install guide. 

Still no HA, still has an unsupported sparse disk format in the ESX build, and still missing the pcibridge code in the vmx.

Re: 8.2.1 GA vsims have been posted

Sean -

Thank you for the fresh candy !

Are there plans to finally implement HA again in a future release ?

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Eugene E. Kashpureff

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Re: 8.2.1 GA vsims have been posted

I'm not with NetApp, so I don't know what they have planned for future releases.

I'd love to see HA come back to the sims.  It would be great to be able to show off NDO, aggr relocate, various NDU scenarios, etc. 

I'm fairly certain it works internally, but none of my attempts to set it up in a sim have been entirely successful.