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8.2 CMode cluster license issue (no install!)

Hi all,

I've a really boring license issue. I'm using the ESX version.

Attempting to put the cluster license on the first node from the "vsim_licenses_812.txt" the answer from system is that is wrong.

Cluster Base License (Serial Number 1-80-000008) look at this strange serial (???)


You use the cluster base license when setting up the first simulator in a cluster.


I've also tried the one in the PDF (ETYYFLXUQUMADFAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), same result.

The strange is in the txt license files two serials are mentioned for the 2 nodes to install other licenses: 4079432753 and 4034389062 but in my running simulator I can read from env that values are this:

SYS_SERIAL_NUL=4055372-81-6 (???)

bootarg.nvram.sysid = 4055372816 (this seems a sim serial...)

Please help.

Thank you,

NOTE: In the ESX version networking on VMX file is wrong because you've to remove the vNIC and recreate from scratch. The original ones belong to a VMware Player/WS env because 2 are internal only and the other 2 are nat.


Re: 8.2 CMode cluster license issue (no install!)


vsim_licenses_812.txt looks like cDot 8.1.2 Licenses

Netapp changed the Licenses from 8.1.x to 8.2.x

if your have the 8.2 Simulator you have to use the new Licenses.




Re: 8.2 CMode cluster license issue (no install!)

I know that licensing has deeply changed in 8.2.

But, sorry, I've made a mistake reporting the name of the file. I've used the license found in the correct link and file (CMode_licenses_8.2.0GA.txt) but maybe I've tried to use this on a preceding 8.1.2 installation!



Re: 8.2 CMode cluster license issue (no install!)

From 8.2, licenses are locked to the serial number of the node..

you have to change your sim serials to the both from the txt file to make it work..


View solution in original post


Re: 8.2 CMode cluster license issue (no install!)

I think that I've really tried to use 8.2 license on a 8.1.2 installation...

I know that licenses are bound to serial (too mani years of free license? ) and I think I will have to change from loader using setenv also if this is not documented in the simulator installation manual for version 8.2


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