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8.3 Simulator VLOADER


I downloaded the 8.3 simulator and got it running this morning.

When attempting to configure the serial ports I noticed that the VLOADER is not keeping nvram variable settings after reboot.


I set the following variables:

set autoboot_delay=20
set comconsole_speed=115200
set console=comconsole,vidconsole


At this point serial console starts working in parallel with the video console.

Next I run reboot.  When I get back into the VLOADER, the variables are back to the original values

and the serial port does not work.


However, when I set the variables and then run boot, the variables are preserved.

It seems that running reboot in VLOADER does not preserve changes to NVRAM variables.


Is this expected behavior?


Also, not all commands have help. 







Re: 8.3 Simulator VLOADER


The vloader lacks the saveenv command, so changes are not actually committed until later in the boot process.  I think you have to get to at least the boot menu for anything to stick.  Try booting, then ctrl-C, then pick reboot and see if that sticks.  If you're trying to make a template, a bunch of stuff will have happened by then so you might need to take a different approach. 





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