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8.3 Simulator uses 5 GB RAM. If lowering to 1.6 GB Simulator does not start anymore.




Big Problem with new Sim 8.3 is the high amount of Memory 5 GB usage! 8.2 Sim used 1.6 GB Memory and now 5 GB. Especial if running in VMware Workstation means for a Cluster 10 GB RAM what is very high. With Windows AD so almost no Memory Left to play around with other VM.


Think Back when 7-Mode used for HA only ~512 MB!


After Installation changing back ot 1.6 GB, Sim 8.3 crash and does not start anymore. When putting back to 5 GB all works again.


Does anybody has an Idea how to setup to 1.6 GB Memory and that is working? Is there any setenv?


regards Juerg




1.6g isn't enough to boot ontap anymore, however with a little tweaking you can pare it down to just 2gb/node.


First shut it down and set the ram to 2gb.  then boot to the loader and enter the following:


setenv bootarg.init.low_mem 512

setenv bootarg.vnvram.size 64

setenv nvram_discard true



Its stable enough for a lightweight laptop demo, but probably won't hold up if you prush it.



Nice one! Thank you

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