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9.1 Simulator deployment and checksum issue




I am having difficulty deploying the simulator on ESXi 6.0


I get the following error after going through the deployment wizard -



OVF deployment failed: Size mismatch during data transfer; expect 66809072 bytes to read but 821211603 bytes are pending to read. Source file may be corrupted



Also I ran the MD5 checksum and it does not match.


I have downloaded the file about 8 times over 3 weeks and tried to deploy via the web and regular client. I have tried thick and thin provisioning, etc. etc.


Just does not seem to work.


Any tips would be appreciated!


Thank you.



I had a simliar issue.  I was not able to get a complete download for some while, and looked all over for a solution, then just tried re-downloading it (again) and it finally worked.

I have deployed the OVF version to both VMware Workstation 12.5 and ESXi 6.5 with success.





I'm also experiencing issues when downloading the OVA image.


It is difficult to determine if the issue is due to network, OS or NetApp Support site.


The issue was repropduced by other team members with Windows 10 / Windows 7 clients with Firefox & IE. Also reproduced when downloading from a Mac book.


The issue occurs with different OVA images - ONTAP 8.3.1, 9.0 & 9.1 were tested.


For OVA file with ~ 585 MB / 783 MB as reported from the NetApp Support page, the download of the OVA image is completed with a size ~ 412MB, with varying sizes ranging within the KB level ( i.e. 412,552 KB, 412,067 KB, 412,379 KB, 412,212 KB)


After the corrupted files above were downloaded, a reboot has helped the full file size to be downloaded correctly, but the issue re-occurred on another day.


Trying to download similar size patches and install binaries from other vendors does not show the same behaviour, which suggests it is something to do with the NetApp Support site.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.





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