9.2 sim > 9.3

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edit: Looks like the 9.3 simulator is out now, I've deployed that OVA but it still panics....





I'm having trouble upgrading the simulator to 9.3. I first tried it from 9.1 to 9.2 and to 9.3. I managed to get to 9.2 fine but 9.3 paniced. I then obtained the 9.2 sim and repeated the upgrade but I still receive a panic on first boot


PANIC: privileged instruction fault: num 1 code 0 cs:rip0x20 (see attached)


I've tried it with 9.3rc1 and 9.3GA but they all panic. This is on esxi 5.5.0, 6480324


Any ideas?





Re: 9.2 sim > 9.3

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Talking to myself, but for anyone else that has the panic issue moving it from our AMD cluster to our Intel one seems to have solved the problem


edit: incidentally I *think* this is because of our EVC settings but I'm not in a position to test it right now. We have our AMD cluster EVC set to "AMD Opteron™ Generation 3 (no 3DNow!™)" for whatever reason. It looks like one of the first things that 9.3 does is check for hardware AES support, which isn't enabled until "AMD Opteron™ Generation 4". Just a theory, but something to try.

Re: 9.2 sim > 9.3

Thanks for sharing that update.  

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