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Add Network Adapters to 8.1.1 Cluster Mode Simulator


I am running the 8.1.1 cluster mode simulator in vSphere.  When I click edit settings and look at the number of Network adapters in the vsim, it shows 4 of them.  I have tried adding additional network adapters, but get the following error message in the picture below.  I have tried shutting down the simulator and adding it and tried several things within the vSphere server networking to be able to add additional network adapters and cannot make it work.

I know that it is possible to additional NICs as I just sat through the cluster mode class and there were six NICs in the labs for the class.  So, just like adding disks to the simulator I am assuming that this is something that needs to be done within the simulator.  Can anybody tell me how to add additional NICs to the simulator as I really need them for setting up a demo of load sharing mirrors.  Plus with cluster mode, it would just be really helpful to be able to add NIC ports in the simulators.






Have you find a solution to add more ethernet card on simulator 8.1.1 ?




Hi Iacherejc,

The solution is to add pcibridge parameters to .vmx

Vsim Tutorial:



I try this but no card was added and an error occured at the vm startup with the line (pciBridge0.present = "TRUE")... i'm running simulator on ESXi 4.1 with vm version 8 not on windows player or server..



Windows 7 x64 Integral Version

Wmware Workstation 9.0.0 build-812388

DataONTAP Cluster Mode Vm version 8.1.2 (vsim-DOT812-cm.tgz)

I also try : Vsim Tutorial:

Any "scsi.0" entry was removed from .vmx file

But doesn't works  :

Error Message : "Cannot assign availbale PCI slot to ethernet4. There are

no more PCI slots available in the virtual machine. Please

remove some devices from the virtual machine.

Any idea ?


OK ... my fault.

Never boot the Vm before edit the .vmx

1) uncompress  vsim-DOT812-cm.tgz

2) go to vsim folder

3) edit .vmx to add pciBridge0 and other pciBridge lines

4) Save .vmx

5) Now you can do the first time vm boot

6) Stop boot to go in VLOADER>

7) use "setenv" commands

😎 VLOADER> boot

Have nice weekend ;-))


Hi All,


I need your help!


I viewed the video about adding extra ( 2 here) network adapters. Everything looks good to me until when I need to change the subnet for new added adapters. Since I am using Vmware Play for Window 32 or 64bit, I don't have Virtual Network Editor as the video demostrated.


So, my quesiton, in my case, how do I change the subnet or configure IP address for new added network adapters.



Please help step by step in detail.   Thanks!


Really appreciate your help!


Assigning IP to the new nics should be done withing ONTAP, either from system manager or the CLI.

Assigning the nics to a virtual network should be doable from within player, or by editing the VMX directly.


Managing the virtual network may be a probelm.  They've apparently removed the virtual network editor in recent versions of player.

There may be a workaround but it involves harvesting some components from a vmware workstation install:



in the end of adding extra network adapters, there is the  need to use VM Editor to change subnet, based on the tutorial video. Since I don't have the editor, how do I change the subnet? or do you have to do that?


Hey guys check this out

It worked for me


Hi there,

Just shutdown the VM and right click on properties - > add. I should work I just tried it.

Restart back.

thank you,



I can shut the VM down and while it is down it will allow me to add additional adapters.  However, when I try to power it up I get the screen documented above and it won't allow me to power on the VM until I remove the additional adapters.




Hi Wayne,

I am getting the same thing with 8.1.1 SIM and ESX 4.1.  It is obviously a VMware issue at this point so I'm researching that avenue.  I'll update when I have more information.


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