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Can't seem to download the simulator

When I click on the link to start downloading the simulator from (, I consistently get 98% of the way done (e.g. 409MB of the 416MB for the cDOT 8.2.1 simulator) and the data stops flowing.  Then, maybe it starts back up, but VERYYYYYY SLOWWWLLLY.  Eventually the browser thinks the download completes, but the file is slightly truncated. I have tried to from different computers and different browsers but they all produces the same results.


If anyone has any ideas, or maybe a different place from which I can download it from, I would greatly appreciate it.






Re: Can't seem to download the simulator

I suggest you put in a helpdesk ticket for the support site at

Re: Can't seem to download the simulator



I just tried downloading it myself & I was able to reach 100%. Doesn't appear to be an issue with the webserver/download. Let's try a few things. Do you have anti-virus? Anti-virus will normally attempt to scan a download right before it completes. Try disabling your anti-virus. If you still can't complete the download try downloading it from a different web browser.




Nicholas Lee Fagan

Re: Can't seem to download the simulator

I just tried it again, and got the same result. I have already tried it from multiple computers and from multiple browsers, all acheiving the same results, and yes, one of them doesn't have a virus scanner on it. If you have successfuly downloaded the 8.2.1 cDOT simulator, can you do me a HUGH favor put it somewhere where I can downlolad it?

Re: Can't seem to download the simulator

That link seems to just be a place to submit "feedback." I did that but there doesn't seem to be any tracking so I don't think I will get any response. Do you know of a more official place to submit a trouble ticket against that download website?

Re: Can't seem to download the simulator

@ckeith  If you are logged into another site, you will be automatically logged in The ticket will be attached to your user name.

Re: Can't seem to download the simulator

Okay, problem solved, I guess.  I broke out of my NetApp VPN and the download went flawlessly. Seems a little odd dowloading it from within NetApp network gives this problem. Nicholas, I'm curious, when you downloaded it, where you within the NetApp network?

Re: Can't seem to download the simulator

I have had similiar issues when downloading the simulator. I have had times when I extract the .tgz some of the files will be corrupted. I suggest using the MD5 checksum to assure that all is well before you waste time deploying the simulator to find that you have problems with the files. Some of that could be due to the extraction mehod I used but it doesn't hurt to use the MD5 to validate the download integrity.

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