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DataONTAP-sim.vmdk not found


Twice i have downloaded setup for Simulator, after extracting file noticed it did not have DataONTAP-sim.vmdk file inside.

Can you please help me how to do i create or get sim-vmdk file to boot vm

/vmfs/volumes/53b62d48-88c033d1-fb57-bc305be68180 # cd vsim_esx-cm

/vmfs/volumes/53b62d48-88c033d1-fb57-bc305be68180/vsim_esx-cm # ls

DataONTAP-flat.vmdk        DataONTAP-s019.vmdk        DataONTAP-s040.vmdk        DataONTAP-s061.vmdk        DataONTAP-s082.vmdk        DataONTAP-s103.vmdk

DataONTAP-nvram-flat.vmdk  DataONTAP-s020.vmdk        DataONTAP-s041.vmdk        DataONTAP-s062.vmdk        DataONTAP-s083.vmdk        DataONTAP-s104.vmdk

DataONTAP-nvram.vmdk       DataONTAP-s021.vmdk        DataONTAP-s042.vmdk        DataONTAP-s063.vmdk        DataONTAP-s084.vmdk        DataONTAP-s105.vmdk

DataONTAP-s001.vmdk        DataONTAP-s022.vmdk        DataONTAP-s043.vmdk        DataONTAP-s064.vmdk        DataONTAP-s085.vmdk        DataONTAP-s106.vmdk

DataONTAP-s002.vmdk        DataONTAP-s023.vmdk        DataONTAP-s044.vmdk        DataONTAP-s065.vmdk        DataONTAP-s086.vmdk        DataONTAP-var-flat.vmdk

DataONTAP-s003.vmdk        DataONTAP-s024.vmdk        DataONTAP-s045.vmdk        DataONTAP-s066.vmdk        DataONTAP-s087.vmdk        DataONTAP-var.vmdk

DataONTAP-s004.vmdk        DataONTAP-s025.vmdk        DataONTAP-s046.vmdk        DataONTAP-s067.vmdk        DataONTAP-s088.vmdk        DataONTAP.vmdk

DataONTAP-s005.vmdk        DataONTAP-s026.vmdk        DataONTAP-s047.vmdk        DataONTAP-s068.vmdk        DataONTAP-s089.vmdk        DataONTAP.vmsd

DataONTAP-s006.vmdk        DataONTAP-s027.vmdk        DataONTAP-s048.vmdk        DataONTAP-s069.vmdk        DataONTAP-s090.vmdk        DataONTAP.vmx

DataONTAP-s007.vmdk        DataONTAP-s028.vmdk        DataONTAP-s049.vmdk        DataONTAP-s070.vmdk        DataONTAP-s091.vmdk        DataONTAP.vmxf

DataONTAP-s008.vmdk        DataONTAP-s029.vmdk        DataONTAP-s050.vmdk        DataONTAP-s071.vmdk        DataONTAP-s092.vmdk        cfcard

DataONTAP-s009.vmdk        DataONTAP-s030.vmdk        DataONTAP-s051.vmdk        DataONTAP-s072.vmdk        DataONTAP-s093.vmdk        mtoolsrc

DataONTAP-s010.vmdk        DataONTAP-s031.vmdk        DataONTAP-s052.vmdk        DataONTAP-s073.vmdk        DataONTAP-s094.vmdk        nvram

DataONTAP-s011.vmdk        DataONTAP-s032.vmdk        DataONTAP-s053.vmdk        DataONTAP-s074.vmdk        DataONTAP-s095.vmdk        uml

DataONTAP-s012.vmdk        DataONTAP-s033.vmdk        DataONTAP-s054.vmdk        DataONTAP-s075.vmdk        DataONTAP-s096.vmdk        vmware-1.log

DataONTAP-s013.vmdk        DataONTAP-s034.vmdk        DataONTAP-s055.vmdk        DataONTAP-s076.vmdk        DataONTAP-s097.vmdk        vmware-2.log

DataONTAP-s014.vmdk        DataONTAP-s035.vmdk        DataONTAP-s056.vmdk        DataONTAP-s077.vmdk        DataONTAP-s098.vmdk        vmware-3.log

DataONTAP-s015.vmdk        DataONTAP-s036.vmdk        DataONTAP-s057.vmdk        DataONTAP-s078.vmdk        DataONTAP-s099.vmdk        vmware-4.log

DataONTAP-s016.vmdk        DataONTAP-s037.vmdk        DataONTAP-s058.vmdk        DataONTAP-s079.vmdk        DataONTAP-s100.vmdk        vmware.log

DataONTAP-s017.vmdk        DataONTAP-s038.vmdk        DataONTAP-s059.vmdk        DataONTAP-s080.vmdk        DataONTAP-s101.vmdk

DataONTAP-s018.vmdk        DataONTAP-s039.vmdk        DataONTAP-s060.vmdk        DataONTAP-s081.vmdk        DataONTAP-s102.vmdk



Edit the vm settings

Delete  the disk on ide1:1

Create a new IDE disk on ide1:1, 250gb, thin provisioned.

View solution in original post



Just as an FYI, the fix is to run the following command

# vmkload_mod multiextent

Credit to

Found in this thread


Can confirm this is the fix! Cat Very Happy



Please have a look at the instructions I've provided here.

Let me know if this helps.





thanks for the reply but here situation is i am not able to poweron VM. it trying to find out DATAONTAP-sim.vmdk. I also downloaded Zip file, location which you have mention in post, the result is same.

can you help me how or from where i get this sim-vmdk file to boot vm?


Edit the vm settings

Delete  the disk on ide1:1

Create a new IDE disk on ide1:1, 250gb, thin provisioned.

View solution in original post

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