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Getting SSH And RSH ERROR In Simulator....

Hi All,

I have installed Cent-OS inside Virtual Box and then i installed simulator "7.3.6-tarfile-v22.tgz". It quite works well, i can able to ping to my Cent-OS from Win-7 and vice versa even i can ping to my simulator from Win-7 but the problem is i can't SSH(ssh and rsh is enabled) to my simulator and even i couldn't get filer view and below is the output,

ping ===> Centos

ping =====> Simulator


and also if i ssh to my simulator and enter the correct passwd it's getting refused automatically as below,

below one is the output of my Cent-OS route,

and this one is the output of my simulator route,

i can able ping from Cent-OS to simulator without any packet loss as below,

and also from simulator to Cent-OS as below,

Everything works fine but the problem I don't know why SSH and RSH are getting refused. Please can anyone insist me where's the problem here........??????




Re: Getting SSH And RSH ERROR In Simulator....


Your simulator is in the CentOs ?

You ssh and rsh from the CentOs ?

Is yes to the twice questions, it's normal ...

You cant access to the simulator from there Host, you must have another system ...

And if you have your 7 you can install PuTTy, and try the SSH ... RSH is out of seven sorry for scripting ...

It's right ?

Re: Getting SSH And RSH ERROR In Simulator....

Thanks for your replay

hanks for your replay

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