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How To - Add disks to the Clustered Data ONTAP Simulator


In Clustered Data ONTAP we can issue systemshell commands from the cluster shell at the diag priviledge level.  So adding disks only takes 3 commands:

set diag
systemshell local "cd /sim/dev;sudo vsim_makedisks -t 35 -n 14 -a 2"
reboot local


In this example, I've added 14 (-n 14) 500MB SSDs (-t 35) on adapter 2 (-a 2).  There are 4 adapters numbered 0-3, but 0 and 1 are fully populated by default.  That leaves adapters 2 & 3 available for more disks or SSDs, each of which can take up to 14 disks.  


If your simulated cluster has more than one node, replace 'local' with '-node <node name>' to make sure the disks are created on the correct node.


To get a list of valid disk types:

set diag
systemshell local vsim_makedisks -h


The reboot is inconvenient, but avoidable.  Hot adding disks takes a few more steps.  More on that later.