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How to access the systemshell in a 9.0 simulator



I would like to add some more disks to my OnTap 9.0 simulator. But the description in section "Adding Disks to a Cluster-Mode Simulator" seems to be invalid for OnTap 9.0


SnapLock::> security login unlock -username diag

SnapLock::> security login password -username diag

Enter a new password:
Enter it again:

SnapLock::> set -privilege advanced

Warning: These advanced commands are potentially dangerous; use them only when directed to do so by NetApp personnel.
Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y

SnapLock::*> systemshell local

Error: "systemshell" is not a recognized command

SnapLock::*> system ?
  chassis>                    Chassis health monitor directory
  cluster-switch>             cluster switch health monitor directory
  configuration>              *Manage configuration backup and recovery
  controller>                 Controller health monitor directory
  feature-usage>              Display feature information
  ha>                         *The ha directory
  health>                     System Health Management and Diagnosis commands
  license>                    Manage licenses
  node>                       The node directory
  script>                     Capture CLI session to a file for later upload. Analogous to the unix 'script' command
  service-processor>          Display and configure the Service Processor
  services>                   Manage system services
  smtape>                     Manage SMTape operations
  snmp>                       The snmp directory
  timeout>                    Manage the timeout value for CLI sessions



Re: How to access the systemshell in a 9.0 simulator


The systemshell command is available in the diag priviledge level.

set diag
systemshell local
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