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How to setup 2nd cluster with SIM?


I have successfully completed setting up 2-node cluster. Are there any installation guides out there that can walk through with me to set up 2nd cluster .



Thanks a lot in advance.



Just like the first one.  Only one cluster base key is published so they'll have the same cluster serial, but that shouldn't impact any functonality.


When you build node 1 pick create, and use a different cluster name.  When you build node 2, pick join, and make sure you type in the name of the 2nd cluster.  







What about IP's for interfaces? In 1st cluster, I choose 192.168.x.91 for1st node, for instance. Then when I set up 2nd cluster, what IP should I use for the 1st node?

The 2nd cluster will need 3 additional management IPs. Assuming it's connected the the same virtual network as the first, Just pick additional unused addresses on that subnet.


Can I add a 3rd/4th cluster node in the same manner as the first two?


when you say 3 mgmt IP, you mean 1 for cluster mgmt, 2 for 2 nodes mgmt? that'd be the same configuration as cluster1, correct?


No, I meant to add more nodes to the cluster. 


The setup guide states that "No more  than 2 cluster nodes can be booted simultaneously", but I wanted to simulate a 4-node cluster & wondered whether this was possible - perhaps with a workaround of some sort??   


when I set up 2nd cluster what subnet do I have to use? Should it be the same one as first one, or different one?


I used the same subnet for 2nd cluster, then cluster2 mgmt IP's ARE NOT PINGABLE from CMD prompt, though it is pingable from inside cluster2. Node mgmt ip is pingable.


If I have to use a different one, then PLS TELL ME HOW TO DETERMINE WHAT THE SUBNET IS? I determine the subnet for the 1st cluster by using ipconfig/all then under vmware net8


DoI need to change system id to be different than any one of nodes in cluster1? I feel some thing extra has to be donein creating cluster2, otherwise, cluster mgmt ip is not reachable.


Appreciate your adivce.


You should be able to run 2 clusters on the same subnet, assuming you use different IPs for node/cluster mgmt, and a differeent cluster name.  During cluster join, be careful to join the correct cluster.


If you want to put the 2nd on a different subnet, its going to be challenging in player.  If the VMNET exists, your host pc will have an IP on that VM net and you can get the network/subnet/gateway addersses from that interface on the host pc.



I have done everything you just said.


I did not and do not want to use different subnet, I want to use the same subnet (of cause different ip number) as cluster1.


I just don't know what went wrong.

Hard to say. Is it possible they have duplicate macs?

At this point you might want to sign up for an eval of workstation so you have more control and visibility into the virtual networks.


well, I don't know how could i have duplicate mac?


everything with cluster1 is fine.

I can ping node mgmt ip in cluster2, but not cluster mgmt.


I have done a lot with this vmware player. I don't know "workstation", and  I don't want to abandon those I have already done, and then go another unfamiliar route.


Is anybody out there please help out?


FYI - Re my previous question - the Simulator DOES allow you to add a 3rd/4th node etc. into the cluster by changing the SYSID & S/N - However - the License codes you are given only work with the two SYSIDs you are given in the instructions - therefore you can't license anything on the additional nodes - so they will be of limited use tbh!


Anyway, at least we have proved a point that it 'can' be done.... 🙂


If you use the 7mode serial numbers for nodes3&4, the keys from the 7mode sheet will activiate those features on the additional nodes.




Ahhh, thanks for that tip! I'll give it a try 🙂