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Install Simulator 8.3.1


Hi All,


Good Day, I am trying to install NetApp Simulator 8.3.1, unable to complete the install.

OS: Ubuntu 16.04

Running on VirtualBox 5.0.40

Total Memory 8.GB

Disk Space 43GB +

Getting error attached the image and what's the config on virtual box also attached.

I tried following some of the links below which is already been worked, but I am getting errors all time.



Please help, Thanks in Adv.








Hi there, 


The simulator is only intended for use under VMWare, so some customisations are needed. Please have a look at this post and let me know if it helps -


I experiment with vsim on vbox from time to time.  I wrote a function to convert the VMware version to vbox as part of a larger project, which won't work out of context but here's the gist of it.  Check these settings against your config and see what is missing.  I can see from your screenshot you have the disks in the right order, but are missing 3 nics.  I also don't see the serial ports.  Some of the other settings aren't apparent from your screenshot.  Check the IDE device type, and the settings at the top of this psuedocode.


#Make it from scratch
vboxmanage createvm --name "$name" --basefolder "$SIMDIR" --ostype "FreeBSD_64" --register
vboxmanage modifyvm "$name" --ioapic on 
vboxmanage modifyvm "$name" --vram 16
vboxmanage modifyvm "$name" --cpus 2
vboxmanage modifyvm "$name" --memory 6144

#Make 4 nics on the natnetwork
vboxmanage modifyvm "$name" --nic1 natnetwork --nictype1 82545EM --cableconnected1 on
vboxmanage modifyvm "$name" --nic2 natnetwork --nictype2 82545EM --cableconnected2 on
vboxmanage modifyvm "$name" --nic3 natnetwork --nictype3 82545EM --cableconnected3 on
vboxmanage modifyvm "$name" --nic4 natnetwork --nictype4 82545EM --cableconnected4 on

#If these are missing it can get stuck
vboxmanage modifyvm "$name" --uart1 0x3F8 4
vboxmanage modifyvm "$name" --uart2 0x2F8 3

#A blank floppy image keeps disk enumeration as expected
vboxmanage storagectl "$name" --name floppy --add floppy --controller I82078 --portcount 1 
vboxmanage storageattach "$name" --storagectl floppy --device 0 --medium emptydrive

#Connect disks
vboxmanage storagectl "$name" --name IDE    --add ide    --controller PIIX4  --portcount 2
vboxmanage storageattach "$name" --storagectl IDE --port 0 --device 0 --type hdd --medium "$SIMDIR/$name/$_ide00"
vboxmanage storageattach "$name" --storagectl IDE --port 0 --device 1 --type hdd --medium "$SIMDIR/$name/$_ide01"
vboxmanage storageattach "$name" --storagectl IDE --port 1 --device 0 --type hdd --medium "$SIMDIR/$name/$_ide10"
vboxmanage storageattach "$name" --storagectl IDE --port 1 --device 1 --type hdd --medium "$SIMDIR/$name/$_ide11"


Also, disable VMware tools in the loader.  It will fail to start anyway, but no reason to let it try.


setenv bootarg.vm.run_vmtools "false"
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