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Is it possible to update DOT8.3.1 Simulate to DOT9.1?




I am currently running two node cluster of DOT8.3.1 Simulate in our test environment.

is it possible to update the image with DOT9 image tgz file?

Or I have to use the DOT9 ova file, and start over building my cluster?



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Re: Is it possible to update DOT8.3.1 Simulate to DOT9.1?


To 9.0 yes. To go to 9.1RC2 go to 9.0 first (as mentioned on the 9.1RC2 cautions page).  If you go to 9.1RC2 you will also need to change a setting in the vloader:


setenv console vidconsole,comconsole

The cluster upgrade method will not work because that method expects HA pairs, but the traditional rolling upgrade method will work with some care given to epsilon and juggling of svm root volumes.  Also ensure you have sufficient space on the node root volumes to download the image.





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solved // Re: Is it possible to update DOT8.3.1 Simulate to DOT9.1?


setenv did the job!


Thanks a lot!






I started with vsim 8.3.1, then updated to 9.0RC1 and then to 9.1RC1. No I wanted to use 9.1 GA but the update leads to a boot loop. This is what is shown on the console as the last screen before reboot




Any Ideas on this?


I can still boot 9.1RC1 with boot_backup so the vsim is not broken. Tried this two times with the same result...




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