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Maximum Storage Size in cDOT 8.2 Simulator???


Hi All,


I'm trying to help my customer to preserve his 5 years of weekly Snapshots (!). Many of them are 32-Bit an are not out of age in the near future. He wants/needs to turn to 8.3 due to a very dirty SMB Bug (currently on cDOT 8.2P3) and because we don't offer4 32-Bit Snapshots Capability in 8.3 I have the following in Mind: Install cDOT82-Sim in VMWare, SnapMirror all Data from current SnapVault-Destination into Sim to preserve it forever. Then delete 32-Bit Snaps on physical System and Upgrade Env to 8.3.


Capacity is around 6 TB. Can 8.2 cDOT Simulator handle this?


>> Bringing Data to Cloud is not an Option due to Person data, buying new Gear is also not an Option because they just bought new gear and are very unhappy about our Snapshot "Story"...





Re: Maximum Storage Size in cDOT 8.2 Simulator???

That's much too large for the sim. The one we can download is good to about 220gb raw, but it could be configured to about 0.5t raw.

Edge would be a much better fit, but you would need a full version key for FDvM200. The evaluation version has a 2tb limit but the full version can take 10tb raw. Even after WAFL reserve and peeling off a root vol it should comfortably hold your 6tb archive.

Cloud ONTAP wouldn't work for you anyway since it can't run anything older than 8.3RC1.

Re: Maximum Storage Size in cDOT 8.2 Simulator???




thanks for the quick reply. We already switched to Edge, it's not that expensive and the best fit in terms of support etc.


BTW Simulator rocks 🙂


Thanks and Regards from Hamburg


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