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Not able to ping Data ONTAP Simulator installed on ESXi


Hi Guys:

Installing Clustered-mode Data ONTAP 8.2 simulator on ESXi. It has two networks: VM Network (this is connected to physical network adapter on external network) and Cluster Network (no physical adapter has been assigned to it).

While setting up the Cluster with one node, I provided both Cluster Management Interface port and Node Management Interface port as e0a and provided them with IP addresses ( and and netmask ( for my network.

However, I'm not able to:

a) Ping any of or OR

b) Connect via ssh to admin@ or admin@ It says "no route to host".

Appreciate any help in resolving.

Thanks much.




Instead of putting both the interfaces on port ‘a’, put them on port ‘c’. Port ‘a’ is only connected to the local cluster network on vmware.



Thanks Jeff. I tried to do so using command network interface modify and modified the home-port for cluster_mgmt to e0c. However "network interface show" still says that the current port is e0a. How do I change the current port to e0c?


Migrated the port to e0c using "network interface migrate" command and it resolved this issue.


Hello, I have got in to a similar issue, was that resolved? thanks so much


Start by mapping the connectivity from the lif to the port inside ontap, to the virtual network adapter and vswitch port group inside vmware, to the hosts vmnic and eventually the upstream switch. Also note that interface groups are almost completely non-functional, and VLANs do work but are more complicated to configure.    Stick with inidividual ports and native traffic inside the sim, and let vmware handling any vlan tagging at the portgroup level.  There are several layers at work, but in all likelihood its a plumbing problem.  


It's also worth noting the 7mode sims typically have cluster mode port assignments in the vmx,  so e0a/e0b are usually misconfigured by default.  


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