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Is there any timeframe for when Simulate ONTAP 9.3 may be available?

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Hi @tonyd,


I don't believe we usually publish them for public consumption until after the ONTAP release goes GA.


That being said, you should be able to access the pre-release versions internally.


Hope that helps.



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you can sometimes also do an normal ontap upgrade from within the simulator and have it working (i think i did it for 8.2>8.2.1) and it worked. 



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since we just went GA yesterday, is there an update to this? Any chance this would also support a 4 node cluster?

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In the interim you can apply the update to a vsim running 9.2. Larger clusters do work, you just need to give each node unique serials & sysids (try the ones from the 8.2 7-mode license sheet).  And you'll need a lot more ram Smiley Happy


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I've not had any luck applying 9.3 to 9.2 I get a panic on boot. Any ideas?



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You can now download 9.3 simulator from support site.

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Just if anyone is curious - I have successfully upgraded the public 9.1 simulator to 9.3, using the regular ONTAP package downloaded from the support site.


I had to expand the root aggregate and node root volume, but after that it was fine. It did seem to pause for about 10 minutes at boot, and then it took another 15-20 minutes for the https interface to be available, but all seems to work.

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This Simulator has got to be the worst thing I have ever setup.


9.2 just would NOT play nice..PERIOD.


So now I am onto 9.3, same darn problem tho...if I "Release" my cursor to do something else while the Simulator thinks about what its going to do, when its time to enter tdata agin...I get NO RESPONSE from my typing......, I get NO KEYBOARD INPUT. What a nightmare.


However, by accident.....I found that I can type a single character.....then click OUT OF THE VM...the letter apperars. I go back into the VM, type my NEXT letter.....does NOT appear until I exit the VM and click away from it.


What is going on here?? This cannot be the way this is supposed to work.


So at this point...I cannot run a much for testing out a possable purchase from Netapp, but if I cannot run a Simulator to Demo...then we cannot consider Netapp as a Solution.



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Hi there,


The best way to use the simulator is to perform a minimal setup on the system via the remote connection provided by the hypervisor, then connect to it over ssh and/or https, as this most closely imitates the experience of using a real system. Unlike some vendors, our simulator is not just a UI simulation - it is a capacity limited low memory version of our controller software. Any support for remote KVM is just for setup. I understand your frustration - I find using hypervisor consoles is always a little clumbsy in my experience, even with plain Windows server.