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Simulator Discussions

ONTAP 9.7 SIMBOX: S3 License




I upgraded an ONTAP 9.6 Simulator Cluster to 9.7 and would like to test S3 storage.

Could you please release new license keys for the new features, S3 among them?


Thank you,

Raoul Schaffner.






I don't think it is a Simulator feature. The cloud volume is around since 9.2, but Simulators don't provide this feature as far as I know.


Are you looking to test this tiering technology?



Hi all,


I'd like to test providing S3 storage from the NetApp cluster (next to CIFS, NFS, iSCSI).

For that, another node license is necessary, like the node license for the CIFS, etc. features.

This is new functionality of version 9.7, has not been around earlier.




Not sure if you solved this.

But have a look in

As with other protocols such as FC, iSCSI, NFS, NVMe_oF, and SMB, S3 requires a license to be
installed before it can be used in ONTAP. You can obtain a free evaluation license on the NetApp
Evaluation Central site.
Note: This site requires NetApp login credentials. If you don’t have access, you can obtain a free
evaluation license by opening the NetApp Support site and completing the feedback request for
your system.



thank you for your reply.


i have read the pdf and tried the link, it does not resolve on my end.


does this link work for you?




same for me ...

Hmm, no.
That´s strange.


According to this KB:

You probably need to contact  your NetApp sales rep.

"Evaluation licenses program are only accessible for partners or resellers. Generate available temp licenses on the tool. If the license is not available on the website, contact your NetApp sales representative or channel team for your region."

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