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ONTAP Simulator: Getting Started Quick


If you are here at the 'Simulator Discussions' forum you probably don't need this guide but feel free to share with others who may. The goal of the attached slide-deck was for a session to jump start wider use of the ONTAP Simulator in my organization. I streamlined and generalized that session here in the attached PDF guide (.pptx deck available on request).


There are other more comprehensive and complex documents available but the goal here was to gloss over as much of the nerdy technical details as possible and make the process easy to perform. Your boss may even be able to follow along. The setup assumed is ONTAP 9.0 running on a Windows or macOS laptop and a free or cheap hypervisor. It's  about 90 annotated slides, however:

  - Your ONTAP cluster is up and running by slide 37

  - Your ONTAP cluster is ready for testing and demos by slide 63

  - The rest is overview, issues, hints and macOS specifics


Besides the 'Simulate ONTAP 9.0 Installation and Setup Guide' you can get with the Simulator itself, I've learned of other good how-to documents for building more complex ONTAP simulator labs. They include Sean Hatfield's 'Building and Customizing NetApp Simulators' here in the Simulator Discussions forum at ... Sean outlines how to setup different simulator serial numbers, disk inventories, and many other useful hints.


Also available is a comprehensive free eBook (PDF) by Neil Anderson at ... Neil provides complete details to setup a more realistic multi-cluster, multi-node, multi-subnet ONTAP 9.0 environment. In addition, it includes complete instrucions for obtaining and setting up Windows and Linux client systems, tools and hints you may need to access the lab environment.