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Ontap Simulator 8.1.2 cluster mode on ESX 5.1: network interfaces do not start


when you upload the images to the datastore, then add the .vmx to the inventory, you start the simulator but realize that the network interfaces are not showing as connected.

when you try to tick the "connected" box and click OK, you get:

Reconfigure virtual machine:Incompatible device backing specified for device '0'.

Time: 12/03/2013 12:05:20

Target: sql2012-vsim-812-cm2

vCenter Server: ESCVC-AMS

Here is what you see from the vSphere client:

the only way out is to delete the network card from the VM and re-add them back (as E1000).

I thought I would share this with the next person who hits this.




I hit this same issue on Netapp Release 8.2 7-Mode simulator, removed all existing NICs, re-add them and all up.

Thanks for sharing this though I spent least three hours running around on the error message shown by the yellow

alert next to existing NICs.

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