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RFE: vSIMs should be able to be gracefully backed up.


When VSC tries to take backups of my ESX datastores, it chokes on trying to snapshot running sims: takes 15 mins to give up, and ends up tossing alerts.  (keyword bingo: msg.snapshot.error-QUIESCINGERROR )

Hacky/not-formally-doc'ed workaround suggested:  Mark the disks as "Independent Persistent".

Quote from Support:

"The vSIM does not have a filesystem driver available to perform a flush.  To do so, we would have to re-code ONTAP to recognize that there is a request coming into the "controller" asking for us to flush the filesystem to disk.  When SMVI (or any other backup software) requests a "VMware quiesced snapshot", it sends the request to quiesce the filesystem, but does not flush memory.  This is why [...] the SMVI quiescing is failing when you're trying to do it during a backup operation."

RFE: put some real tools in vsims so the interaction between vsims and backups is less silly.

(Internals, case 2005071500 for the background.)