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Rapid Cloning Utility on Simulator


Has anybody tried the RCU on the simulator ? I guess with only 100Mbs it will be too slow but I would like to, at least, prove the concept and show it during pre-sales to some customers.



I haven't tried it but I can't think of any reason RCU shouldn't work. In fact, I'm not sure it would even be all that slow (since the point of RCU is to use single-file FlexClone to avoid all the storage/network traffic usually incurred by deploying from a template).

I've tried it this morning and the DataONTAP version of the 7.3.1 simulator is not support with RCU

Has anyone tried RCU on 8.x simulator? Working on some scripts and want to setup a lab to work out the details.  Anyone have any hints on the setting up the exsi with the simulator? I am trying to-provision-vms-using-netapp-flexclones via PowerShell.


That should work fine.  I've built nested labs with a multi-node ESX cluster, a pair of 8.x netapp sims, and vcenter with VSC, and the rapid cloning utility, VSC backup & recovery, and the VAAI plugin all worked fine.  Setup ESX on NetApp just like you would on real gear.  Just remember loading OSs on VMs running off the sim will be really slow, but once you've built one cloning it with the RCU or VAAI takes only seconds.

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