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Real Problems with Data Ontap 8.1 7 mode simulator (HELP)


I have spent quite a bit of time and effort trying to unzip this file all with no success. Can someone provide a solution to the issue that i and many others are having when trying to unzip this file

I have downloaded the very large file several times

The MD5 Checksums check out

I have used several different programs to try to unzip

  1. native archive utility
  2. WinZip
  3. Unarchiver
  4. and finally 7-zip

Most of them bomb out but only after 15 minutes or so of pegging my multi-core 16GB memory MBP with various different errors. It seems as through the problem is with the "thick" provisioned vmdk. When trying to expand the file it is requiring as some other poor souls have reported over 200GB of disk space.

Has anyone found a fix for this issue???

Can we post a little more user friendly Vsim on the download site?

Can we try another zipping method when posting to the download site?

Can I get that time back?

Do i sound a little frustrated?



yes, that's the problem what I encounter exactly on windows platform as well


The latest 8.1.1 does take a long time to finish the last files on my Mac. Works well until the end of the unzip then takes minutes at the very end. Prior 8.1 didn't do this. So definitely a change but still works on osx.

Same result on windows with winrar or win zip?


You listed winzip. Winrar? I use that mostly in my windows vm and may have time to test an unzip of the file in that vm later

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