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Simulator 8.3 adding network interfaces VMware ESXi

I am running the cDOT simulator 8.3 on VMware ESXi 6.0

Is there a way to add more network interfaces.

The ESXi server has 3 physical, 1-100Mb, 2-Gb.


I need more interfaces to create a LIF for testing purposes.

Right now I only have e0a - e0d.


Thanks for answers in advanced




Re: Simulator 8.3 adding network interfaces VMware ESXi

So I answered my own question.


1) Go to the vSphere client

2) Click on Edit Settings

3) Click the Add button

4) Select Ethernet Adapter, click Next

5) Uner Network Lablel select one of the VMNetworks you have already created, click Next

     Make sure the "Connect at power on" button is working

6) Click Finish


I created four Network Adapters for e0e - e0h


Perform this step for both nodes.


Once vSphere has created the network adapters

reboot your nodes.


network port show and there they are.


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