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Simulator snapshots filling up all the space!


I successfully installed the two-nodes DataONTAP simulator cluster.


I let it sit there and I started reading some docs.

After about ten days, I went back to the machines and I found both presenting this warning:





The root volume (/mroot) is dangerously low on space (<10MB). To make space

available, delete old Snapshot copies, delete unneeded files, and/or expand the

root volume's capacity


I deleted the snapshots, rebooted, and the warning disappeared.


Nevertheless, I am wondering: considering that I didn't put ANY SINGLE bit of informations on that virtual storage, how is it possible that the snapshots themselves took up all of the available space?


Thank you for your help. Best regards.



CDOT stores its logs in the root volume.  If you leave the simulator running for an extended period of time, it will need a larger root aggr/vol.  It seems reasonably stable with 4gb.


Thank you for your help.

Is there a way to tell CDOT to purge logs more frequently?


Thank you very much.




as a workaround I created a shell script in the systemshell of each node containing the commands to delete all unnecessary files (i.e. the autosupports, logs.000x and so on).

With a Linux client and SSH you can run this script via crontab from the Linux. Unfortunately it works only against a v.8.3 Simulator. A v8.2 dows not allow running the script via SSH (or I did not find the right way 😉 ).

And again unfortunately the crontab in the systemshell itself also does not run this script, for what reasons ever.


So at a v8.2 (or v8.1) you need to run this script manually from time to time.


Although I disabled every autosupport option the simulators create an asup every day which results also in a large space consumption.


If anybody has an other solution or hints please let us know...






Keep transient data from consuming snap space and let ontap prune the rest.  


run * vol options vol0 nosnap on


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