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Snapmirror error

I am trying to snap mirror between two simulators, mine is the destination. I attempted to initilize through the web filer view page and it came back with the following messgae:

SnapMirror Initialize failed : Snapmirror error: request denied by source filer; check access permissions on source
I am pretty certain everything is setup on the source correctly but hey i can be goign blind.

Anything I should double check?

Also has a note: 'destination qtree does not exist'


Re: Snapmirror error

Have you placed the destination filer in the /etc/snapmirror.allow file on the source? I am assuming that you are using options snapmirror.access is set to legacy.

What version of the Simulator are you using?

Re: Snapmirror error

I appreciate the reply.

the simulator i am using is 8.01. i suppose i need a noob instruction on "how to" edit this conf file.  <-- disregard the how to I figured that out.

Anyhow - must be getting closer.. as I need to restrict the volume I suppose:

SnapMirror Initialize failed : Snapmirror error: destination must be restricted for an initial transfer

Re: Snapmirror error

No worries. Here is all the info you could ever want about snapmirror.allow in 8.0:

Using FilerView, navigate to SnapMirror --> Remote Access --> Manage and make sure that the destination filer is listed there. If not, add it using the "Add Remote Access Entry" button.

Basically, this controls the specific systems that the filer can snapmirror to. Note that this is on a controller basis - so you need to specify "ToasterA" and "ToasterB".

You can also edit this file either from the command line or opening the file by using CIFS. If you edit it directly, as always, be sure to create a backup file.

Re: Snapmirror error

Yes, on the destination, create the volume and the issue the command:

vol restrict <volumename>

View solution in original post

Re: Snapmirror error

Thanks Much!

I have success and currenty it is transferring : (I can fine tune a bit later)

Source (Filer:Location):THEIRNETAPPSIM:CIFS_VOL1
Destination (Filer:Location):MYNETAPPSIM:vol1
Maximum Transfer Rate (kb/s):-
Restart Mode:Schedule Priority
Schedule:Preset: Repeat Every Minute starting Always
Base Snapshot:-
Base Timestamp:-
Lag Time (hh:mm:ss):00:00:00
Content State:-
Current Transfer Size (Kb):26688
Current Transfer Type:initialize
Last Transfer Size (Kb):0
Last Transfer Duration (secs):0
Last Transfer Type:-

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