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Struck with this step while configuring Perfstat for Filer


I am trying to follow this step while configuring perfstat for windows GUI - 7 mode simulator 8.2.2P1


  •  Create the directory structure on the storage system.
    C:\Users\<username>\.ssh\> mkdir \\<filer>\etc$\sshd\<username>\.ssh
    Note: An error might be generated if this path already exists. This can be ignored.

  • C:\Users\<username>\.ssh\>
    This is command prompt where I installed Perfstat in my local machine.
    Username belongs to the my machine.

  • So, now as per the step, we need to create a path in storage system.
    mkdir \\<filer>\etc$\sshd\<username>\.ssh
    Where <filer> is the IP Address of the storage system and username is login user of storage system.

     I tried this but not able to do so. Even I dont have any other credential for the 7 mode simulator 8.2.2P1.


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