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TSM NDMP Backup Filersimulator 8



I want to configure a ndmp backup with TSM 6.3 and a filersimulator 8. Unfortunately the Simulator has no Library configured/attached. Is there a way to simulate a Library?

And what are the element-Numbers for the drives I get with sysconfig -t?

Please, can anyone help me?




I'm also trying to properly setup a DataONTAP 8.2 C-mode simulator for ndmp backup.

In order to check if my configuration is OK, I'm using ndmpc (from the NDMP consortium) to send requests to the vserver set up in the simulator.

The DATA SERVER part is roughly running as expected on the vserver I configured.

But it is limited to act as a data server (config_get_tape_info gets an "Error: Call is not supported").

Only the vserver automatically set up by the simulator at the cluster level accepts MOVER SERVER related requests (I could even check that mover_set_record_size has an effect on the report given by "vserver services ndmp probe" on the cluster management console).

And despite "system node hardware tape drive show" displays "NDMP Path" names for 4 (fake) tape drives per node, the ndmpc config_get_tape_info response is empty...

I suspect that those tape drives are only intended to be used through iSCSI.

But I hope someone found the trick to make them usable through NDMP.

In the hope those details may help someone go further on this subject and perhaps give some answer.


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