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Unable to start a vfiler with simulator version 8.1x45


I am unable to create a vfiler.

Below a printout from the command i send to the simulator over ssh.

Any idea's suggestions ...


hugo:~ hdoucet$ ssh vsim3 version

NetApp Release 8.1X45 7-Mode: Sat Sep 10 02:31:17 PDT 2011

hugo:~ hdoucet$ ssh vsim3 license

                 a_sis ENABLED

                    cf not licensed

             cf_remote not licensed

                  cifs site DZDACHD

           compression ENABLED

     disk_sanitization ENABLED

                   fcp site BKHEXNB

           flash_cache ENABLED

            flex_clone site ANLEAZL

            flex_scale ENABLED

         flexcache_nfs ENABLED

                  http ENABLED

       insight_balance not licensed

                 iscsi site BSLRLTG

            multistore ENABLED

      nearstore_option ENABLED

                   nfs site BQOEAZL

    operations_manager ENABLED

    persistent_archive ENABLED

    protection_manager ENABLED

  provisioning_manager ENABLED

              smdomino site RKBAFSN

                 smsql ENABLED

     snapdrive_windows ENABLED

              snaplock site ZOJPPVM

   snaplock_enterprise site PTZZESN

    snapmanager_hyperv ENABLED

    snapmanager_oracle ENABLED

       snapmanager_sap ENABLED

snapmanager_sharepoint ENABLED

        snapmanager_vi ENABLED

   snapmanagerexchange site BCJEAZL

            snapmirror site DFVXFJJ

       snapmirror_sync ENABLED

             snapmover ENABLED

           snaprestore site DNDCBQH

         snapvalidator site JQAACHD

      storage_services ENABLED

    sv_application_pri not licensed

          sv_linux_pri ENABLED

          sv_ontap_pri ENABLED

          sv_ontap_sec site PDXMQMI

           sv_unix_pri ENABLED

             sv_vi_pri ENABLED

    sv_windows_ofm_pri ENABLED

        sv_windows_pri ENABLED

      syncmirror_local site RIQTKCL

              v-series not licensed

                   vld ENABLED

hugo:~ hdoucet$ ssh vsim3 vfiler

Use of vfilers requires a multistore license.

hugo:~ hdoucet$


Unable to start a vfiler with simulator version 8.1x45


I had the same thing when I first tried 8.1.. took a little time but a simple fix   Bundled features are not a license anymore and are enabled by options...but the options are disabled for the feature.  Here is your fix..

options licensed_feature.multistore.enable on 

Also check "options licensed" to see other features you can enable from options instead of a license key with 8.1.

Re: Unable to start a vfiler with simulator version 8.1x45


It worked

Tx for quick response.

Re: Unable to start a vfiler with simulator version 8.1x45


Don't forget to mark the question as answered.  Worked for me as well.  Thanks. 

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