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What domain name should I use in creating CIFS vserver in Cluster Mode Simulator


Please find attached errors on creating CIFS vserver.


I am not sure of if this is the cause, but when I set up the cluster, I did not specify any DNS domain name. Then in creating CIFS vserver wizard, what  domain name should I use? I used learn.netapp.local in this case.


If it turns out that I need to have a domain name, then what is the way to confiure the domain name after the fact that the cluster is already set up.


Thanks very much in advance!



You need more than a domain name, you need an actual domain.  As in, Active Directoy domain controller.  Use whatever domain name belongs to your domain controller, and use its IP as the DNS server.




right, understood if it is in a REAL enviroment. but, we are talking about a SIMULATING environment on my laptop .


I am practicing NetApp training class at home, particularly working on EXERCISE 9: ENABLING CIFS AND NFS CLIENT ACCESS. Is there any way, I can simulate such environment on my laptop? or there is no way I can practice EXERCISE 9?


Sure, you just build a windows server VM and configure it as a domain controller on your NAT network.  Without one, you will not be able to configure a CIFS svm.



Hi , thanks for your reply.


I am not so familiar with window vm, or detail steps. Do you have a guide I can follow? Cam this be all done on my single laptop along with Simulator?


You can do it all nested on your laptop provided you have enough RAM and storage. 


Active Directory is a big topic, but a minimalistic install should be enough to get you through CIFS setup

Short version:

1. Install a windows server VM on the NAT network

2. Assign a static IP within the windows VM

3. Run DCPromo from the windows command line and follow the steps in the wizard.

  Part of that will have you picking a domain name, make sure its something unique/private to your lab environment.  Or just reuse the name in the netapp courseware.


Then when setting up your cifs SVM, use the IP of the DC as the DNS server, the domain name used in DC promo, and the administrator credentials of the windows VM.



I have a lot of questions on these steps, for instance, where can I get window vm, and what do I do to ensure it will be installed on NAT network? where and how can I find NAT network?

If you can provide details on these steps or any documented guide, that'd be great helpful


You have to build the VM, from scratch.  You'll need a windows server ISO.  Eval copies are usually available from microsoft but you'll have to seaarch


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