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Hi everyone, I am trying to evaluate NetApp vVOLs functionality in the following nested environment: NetApp simbox Ontap 9.7, vCenter Server 6.5 U2, E more
How do you boot a 9.7 sim in maintenance mode?   Successfully, so you can do something, not just to the prompt.
Hi All,   Requesting to please provide link to download Latest Netapp Simulator as I am not the paid User to Netapp. Want to get hand on the NetApp On more
Trying to download the simulator, but nothing happen when I click on the "ACCEPT & CONTINUE" button.   Is the site down?
Having trouble getting the 9.7 simulator running on an ESXi server (v6.7.0, fwiw).  Running into repeated panics, the console not echoing input, and, more
Is it possible to upgrade 8.2.1 simulator to 9.X simulator?     I am trying to avoid deploy of new 9.x simulator and recreating all the config.    Tha more
Hi All, When I read the system Requirements & Installation, I see the options for Windows and Mac only with VMware Workstation & Fusion respectively. more
I routinely download them to simulate different environments ranging from older 7-mode to earlier ONTAP releases. There are customers that cannot upgr more
NETAPP simulator version 9.0/9.5/9.7 Client: SuSE12 SP4 which install nfs4-acl-tools   Scenario: 1. I create a aggrgate and a volume which include CIF more
Hi All       I create a single node cluster for CIFS testing...I had create a aggrgate &volume for CIFS share . after all setting..I  could connect it more
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