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multi-node C-mode cluster

Could I create multi-node C-mode cluster use simulator?


Re: multi-node C-mode cluster

Yes.  The license supplied will handle a 2-node cluster.  Not as an ha pair (storage fail show won't do anything) but cluster show will show both nodes.  If you get different licenses you can use more, for example the Clustered ONTAP course uses a 4 node VSIM for the labs.  Create the cluster on one node, then join the cluster on the 2cnd node and you are good to go.  Really nice to have the VSIM for working with clustered ontap.

Re: multi-node C-mode cluster

I wonder how can i get 4 nodes simulator license?Who have the right to get the license?How to apply for infinite vol PVR for Simulator

Re: multi-node C-mode cluster

they don't support this type of testing using the simulator - Simulator is for 2-node cluster only.

thank you


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