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vSim 8.1.1 c-mode in Fusion 5

Has anyone been able to run the vSim on VMware Fusion 5? 

I can't seem to get it to install.  Upon booting, it panics and reports "PANIC: Can't find device with WWN 0x412238080. Remove '/sim/dev/,disks/,reservations' and restart. in SK process vha_disk_resv on release 8.1.1X34"



Re: vSim 8.1.1 c-mode in Fusion 5

I have it working without any issue in both 7-mode and cluster-mode on the latest Fusion 5... I would download the file again from the support site since it sounds like a corrupt file.

Re: vSim 8.1.1 c-mode in Fusion 5

Thanks, Scott!  However, I've tried re-downloading it several times using Chrome and Firefox.  I've also tried using the OSX Archive Manager, and tar (via Terminal) to extract the files. 

I've also noticed that when I use the "md5" command via terminal to check the checksum of the downloaded file, I keep getting the same fingerprint, but it doesn't match the fingerprint on the support site.  Any recommendations on how I should download the file?  I've never had problems downloading any software from the NetApp Support site before.

Re: vSim 8.1.1 c-mode in Fusion 5

Hi Scott. 

It's working now.  Downloaded using Firefox, though still not the same md5 fingerprint.  Extracted using "tar xvzf". 


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Re: vSim 8.1.1 c-mode in Fusion 5

Good to hear. I used osx which worked fine but could be a download issue

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