SnapManager to SnapCenter Transition

Resources: SMVI to SnapCenter Plug-in for VMware Transition


SnapManager for Virtual Interface vs SnapCenter Plugin for VMware vSphere



VSC 6.x

SCV 4.x


Enterprise Features




Management interface through vCenter

All backup and recovery operations are handled through the vCenter interface.

Centralized deployment


Backup metadata protection

SCV leverages the SnapCenter MySQL database to store backup metadata, allowing the database to be separately backed up and restored.

Windows PowerShell support

Rest APIs


Storage Deployment




SAN (VMware Virtual Machine File System [VMFS]) support


NAS (NFS) support


Advanced Virtual Machine (VM) Integration




Linked mode support

One instance of the SCV plug-in is required for each instance of vCenter.

vCenter RBAC support

Data Protection and Management




Backup VMs, VMDKs, and datastores

Backup data center

Backup Now without an existing job or resource group


Policy-based backup management

SCV allows reuse of the same policy for other resource groups and saves time in defining settings such as backup frequency, copy retention, replication, and scripts.

Data Protection and Management (continued)




SVM and cluster management LIF support


Use multiple schedules per backup job


Custom snapshot naming


Restore VMs or Virtual Machine Disks (VMDKs) from the primary NetApp® Snapshotcopy


Restore VMs or VMDKs from a secondary Snapshot copy


Restore datastores


Recent snapshot

Suffix _recent to latest snapshot

Restore files or folders on a guest OS

Support is on a Windows guest OS only starting with SCV 4.0 for both VMFS and NFS.

Mount datastore from a primary Snapshot copy

The mount operation allows you to access files in the backup, enabling granular recovery.

Mount datastore from a secondary Snapshot copy


Attach or detach a VMDK from a primary or secondary Snapshot copy

SCV allows restore of files and folders from a Windows or Linux guest OS instead of restoring the entire drive.

Get detailed job monitoring


Use a detailed dashboard

SCV gives a summary of backup, restore, and mount jobs for the selected duration and the last backup status of VMs.

Get detailed reporting

You can view and download HTML and CSV reports of backup, restore, and mount jobs and protected or unprotected VMs.



Benefit of SCV over VSC (6.x)

Better scalability: NetApp SnapCenter Plug-In for VMware vSphere (SCV) supports up to 4,000 VMs per VMware vCenter instance

Better performance: Faster restore operations from a secondary NetApp Snapshot copy by leveraging native NetApp ONTAP® single-file NetApp SnapRestore® technology for NFS environments

Richer feature set and protocol support:

  • Easier management with policy-based backup
  • Capability to restore from secondary snapshots
  • Guest file restore (Windows guest OS)
  • Ability to attach or detach a Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK) from a primary or secondary
  • Dashboard, reporting, and job monitoring of VM data protection activities
  • VMware Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) 6 and NFS 4.1 support
  • Supports FlexGroup
  • Support restore to alternate location
  • Large LUN support