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7-mode VIF info API




I use 'net-config-get-active' to get status of network interfaces, including VIF's.


This API doesn't help in the following situation:


filer> ifgrp status

default: transmit 'IP Load balancing', Ifgrp Type 'multi_mode', fail 'log'

fc104_e0a_e0b: 1 link, transmit 'IP Load balancing', Ifgrp Type 'lacp' fail 'default'

     Ifgrp Status    Up     Addr_set


    e0a: state up, since 19May2014 16:30:48 (114+19:38:11)

        mediatype: auto-1000t-fd-up

        flags: enabled

        active aggr, aggr port: e0a

        input packets 18217115195, input bytes 7575805217624

        input lacp packets 1546536, output lacp packets 1934874

        output packets 15917221569, output bytes 5940125714443

        up indications 8, broken indications 3

        drops (if) 0, drops (link) 0

        indication: up at 19May2014 16:30:48

            consecutive 0, transitions 13


    e0b: state lag_inactive, since 11Sep2014 10:19:16 (01:49:43)

        mediatype: auto-1000t-fd-up



So despite the fact that e0a and e0b are "UP", they dont't work as LACP interface properly (switch misconfiguration).


My question is: how to fetch interfaces state configured as VIF via API call?




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