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7-mode vs cDOT APIs ??


Hi Guys,


I do see seperate SDK for different versions of NetApp models such as 7-mode and cDOT. Currently, We have 7-mode in our environment and planning to a framework using python. Is there a way to make sure the framework we are developing will be compatible for cDOT as well. Any suggestions are welcome?


I am planning to use NMSDK using python. Wondering if anyone went through upgrades and faced this situation? I want to be ready for future as well 🙂


Re: 7-mode vs cDOT APIs ??


Hello @rpotru,


While the use of ZAPI (via NMSDK) is the same between the versions, unfortunatley there are a lot of differences between 7-mode and clustered Data ONTAP.  


Firstly, the presence of SVMs in clustered means that the API calls need to be targeted at either the cluster or SVM, depending on which "owns" the action, e.g. aggregate operations happen at the cluster level, volume operations happen at the SVM level.


Beyond that, clustered ONTAP simply has more features, which means that the APIs will have more, and sometimes different, options.


Unfortunately, I think this means that you will probably need to have functions in your framework to accomodate both operational modes for ONTAP.  I know this is not optimal, but it is the safest way to ensure that functionality won't be lost by having to hope that ZAPI will fail gracefully.



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Re: 7-mode vs cDOT APIs ??


Thanks for the response. I think it is very helpful.


Looks like it is a double effort for us to make sure functionality works for both types.



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