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API Calls return "Volume is in use by other operations" and "The volume is not currently available "


We have some scripts that create clones of nfs volumes that have started to fail with:


Volume is in use by other operations (in response to the volume-offline API call)

The volume is not currently available (in response to the volume-clone-create API call)


Background: The volumes are VSM snapmirror destinations which are updated prior to the script running and we identify the current most recent nightly snapshot to create the clones on.

Filer is running ontap  7.3.6p5. Scipt runs on linux using the perl sdk V3.0r1.


Generally on rerun the scripts work, Has anyone got any idea why this occurs? We have come to the conclusion it is a timing issue and the script isnt waiting for "snap list" / "vol offline"

commands to complete (filer is a little slow to return msgs at very busy periods) and is therefore tripping itself up.


Anyone eslse experiencing similar issues.