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API for Aggregate snap reserve?

Are there OnTap API calls for managing aggregate snap reserve, snap schedule and snapshots? All the methods that I see documented are for volumes. Is this a gap, or am I looking in the wrong place?




Re: API for Aggregate snap reserve?

Yes, this is a gap. There is no ONTAPI to perform snap reserve, snap schedule, etc. at the aggregate level. The only snapshot related API which you can use at the aggregate level is: "snapshot-list-info" (by specifying "target-type" as "aggregate" and providing the intended aggregate name with "target-name" tag).

[Note: These options (target-name, target-type) are available ONTAPI 1.5 onwards]

Re: API for Aggregate snap reserve?

is this gap filled?.do we have ONTAPi to perform snap reserve,sanp schedule etc in any latest version??.



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