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API for ONTAP 8 vs ONTAP 9


We have a StaaS project underway to automate volume creation/deletion.  It is developed on top of the API for ONTAP 8.  We want to know if the ONTAP 9 API is compatible with the ONTAP 8 API for purposes of regression testing?


Is it possible to down grade back to ONTAP 8 in case we need to?



You can download the Ontap-9 API documentation (ontapi_1.100) from Here.


Once you download the "Reference Manual for ONTAP 9.0 APIs" I suggest to use a webserver to navigate easily.


There you can see the "What is new" link. that will help you to understand the whats been added, changed or deprecated in OnTap 9 API.


Here is screenshot :- Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 4.53.18 PM.png


Hope this help..

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