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API services returning empty list of clusters

Hello everyone, 

I have just installed (with lot of problems on the way 🙂  OnCommand API Services. 

I have added a single cluster for tests. 

When I try to get the list of clusters with 



I'm getting response with empty list


<apiServerResponse xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">



however if I try to get 


I'm getting this single cluster without any issue. 

What am I doing wrong?


Re: API services returning empty list of clusters

May be some issue with discovery. Can you do below things and let us know ?


1. re-start api service using  below commands

 # service apiserver stop

 #  service apiserver start

2. wait for 5 min to discovery to complete.

3. check is api/5.0/ontap/clusters showing cluster.

4. if not, it may be some problem with MEGA. please share with us logs to degug.


Re: API services returning empty list of clusters

It was a problem with insufficient rights for the user used to connect to the cluster. After logging with a user with admin rights - it works now. 

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