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API to set thin provisioning on for a volume


Hi Guys:

What's the API to turn thin provisioning on on a FlexVol/LUN/Qtree in Clustered ONTAP? Thanks much.


Re: API to set thin provisioning on for a volume

NetApp Alumni

Hi Brajesh,

I assume you're asking about cDOT, so in the volume-create API, there is the space-reserve input which has the values of "none", "file", or "volume".  Setting the value to "volume" is 'thick' provisioning, while setting the value to "none" is 'thin' provisioning.  The value, "file" is in between 'thin' and 'thick' meaning that when a file is created on the volume, the maximum space requested for the file is allocated.  This setting is probably good for LUNs.  However, I just checked WFA and it used "none" for NFS and "volume" for LUN.  You can slice any way you want.


   - Rick -

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