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APR libraries for UCM 6.0

Folks, one of my customers has asked the following question.

We are implementing OCUM and we currently have some c# code that we access the old DFM server with for billing.

I need to get hold of the APR libraries for UCM 6.0 (DFM 6.0RC1 API Document Library)

As I cant seem to access it with our existing code using DFM-server-api-5.0

Can someone please help me out.




Re: APR libraries for UCM 6.0

UM 6.X is supported by NMSDK 5.1.

You can invoke 6.X APIs from NMSDK 5.1 after setting the following parameters.

  • Server Type - DFM
  • Transport type - HTTPS
  • Port number - 443.

There is also a OCUM 6.0 APIs guide which can be found at :

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