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Access permission error for an AD account that accesses fine from a different device


I have three servers logged in with 1 common AD account.  When I access the share using using a Windows UNC it connects fine from ServerA and can read from the share and all its contents including files several layers deep, (ex. \\NetappName\Share1\Folder1\folderA\destinationfolder\fileA.  When I try to access that same fileA from ServerB, logged in with the same AD account, I get and access denied message.  Same result from ServerC.  I also get an access denied message for the for the destinationfolder from both ServerB and C.  I can however navigate through all of the upper level paths, throughout the Share1\Folder1\Foldera levels without issue from any of the servers.


The same VB process is also letting me running from all three servers with the 1 common AD account and is successfully connecting to the netapp using NaServer connection strings, it also is successfully running a file-set-snaplock-retention-time against fileA, from serverB and C.  The two servers just can't seem to connect using the UNC.


Any insight would be helpful, thanks in advance



If cDOT, are you using export policies for cifs by any chance?  The default is off in ONTAP but in the 8.1 days was on...may be legacy or maybe enabled at some point? 


cifs options show -fields is-exportpolicy-enabled


I don't know that answer, I am a VB developer and the Admin is out of the office so I am not even sure I could find out.


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