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Access vFiler network stats via SDK?


Is there an interface that can provide access to network statistics for a vFiler?  There is no SNMP access to vFiler statistics, so I'm trying to determine if there is an alternative means to get that information that could then be passed to a monitoring tool.





Collecting network interface level performance data through a vFiler will not be possible as vFilers do not have access to interfaces; only the IPs they are granted upon creation.

There might be alternate ways to accomplish what you want. Some questions:

1) Is the physical filer containing the vFilers reachable? Do you have credentials?

2) If connecting to the hosting filer is possible and you want to breakout utilization per vFiler, are they each using distinct interfaces, vifs or vlans?



Yes it is possible, that you access the vFiler by using the SDK. In Perl f.e. NaServer::set_vfiler is responsible for that. I used something like this:

my $s = NaServer->new( $hostname, $ontapi_major_version, $ontapi_minor_version);



You'll find further information in the manage-ontap-sdk - it's worth the download:

I used it to develop several Nagios Plugins for NetApp, which are capable of checking vFilers thanks to this API. See

Hope this helps, Ingo Lantschner

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