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Ansible newbie question

I see for every NetApp module, the parameters username and password exist.  If I am running my Ansible playbook from a linux box that has root passwordless ssh configured into the filers, do I need the password parameter?


Re: Ansible newbie question

Also, am I missing something in the na_ontap_volume module?  There is a parameter for percent_snapshot_space but not a parameter for the snapshot policy?

Re: Ansible newbie question

All connections run as "localhost" and the Python modules handle the authentication to ONTAP through netapplib  - which is why every module has the user/password parameters. It doesn't use your locally logged in account for anything related to ONTAP.  

Re: Ansible newbie question

How do I download NetApp Python libraries without using pip?

Re: Ansible newbie question

I like to download using PIP but still you should get it here.


and they are latest. 

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