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Software Development Kit (SDK) and API Discussions

Anyone successfully using the cifs-share-get-iter API?



I'm using the "cifs-share-get-iter" to read out various attributes of the CIFS shares we have on a cluster (running 8.2P4) BUT, for the life of me, I cannot see how to get hold of the items within the "share-properties" section. An example of the XML is:









The problem seems to be that the child nodes of "share-properties" all have the same "name" (which I don't recall seeing in other "chapters" of the APIs). If I write some Python such as:

for share in result.child_get('attributes-list').children_get():

  print share.sprintf()

  share_props = share.child_get('share-properties')

  for p in share_props.children_get():

    print p.sprintf()

then (given the above XML), I correctly iterate 3 times round the inner loop and the print statement does as you would expect. How though, do I grab the "value" of each property?

Any ideas, please, anyone?


Richard Hellier.



Thankyou...Was really struggling to get this issue resolved.

Much appreciated 🙂


Hi Richard,

I've run into the same problem. It's an oversight in the Python SDK. The only way to access the value is through the internal data structure of NaElement, like so:

for p in share_props.children_get():

    value = p.element['content']

    print value




Many, many thanks for the solution. Glad to know it wasn't "user error" in this case but rather an SDK glitch.



PS: I won't show the horrible code I had to use as a work around!

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