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C# Syntax for adding Useradmin Role and Group (7-mode)


Hello, Everyone.


I'm still a beginner with C# and programming in general, so excuse my ignorance. I have created a C-mode application that scans the NetApp devices, verifies if certain pre-reqs are met, and if not met will assist the user in meeting those pre-reqs. I need to do the same for 7-mode (1.20) but I'm getting stuck on 'useradmin-role-add' and 'useradmin-group-add' (which did not give me trouble in c-mode).


I created the query via Zedi and copied it straight from the developer tab with minor adjustments (role variable being a role name the user desires and 'comments' child removed). Here's my code below:


			NaServer s = new NaServer("<server name or IP address>", 1 , 20);
			s.ServerType = NaServer.SERVER_TYPE.FILER;
			s.TransportType = NaServer.TRANSPORT_TYPE.HTTPS;
			s.Port = 443;
			s.SetAdminUser("<user name>", "<password>");

			NaElement api = new NaElement("useradmin-role-add");

			NaElement xi = new NaElement("useradmin-role");

			NaElement xi1 = new NaElement("useradmin-role-info");

			NaElement xi2 = new NaElement("allowed-capabilities");

			NaElement xi3 = new NaElement("useradmin-capability-info");
			xi3.AddNewChild("name","login-* api-*");
			xi1.AddNewChild("name", role);

			NaElement xo = s.InvokeElem(api);

		} catch blah blah blah....

The error in Visual Studio is "xi#.AddNewChild(xi#)"  fails due to, "There is no arguement given that corresponds to the required formal parameter 'content' of NaElement.AddNewChild(string,string)." This appears to be the same when attempting to create a new group as well.


I can give the AddNewChild("<ElementName>", "<ElemContent>")  which allows my solution to build, but does not produce any results.  As you can see I am also invoking using InvokeElem.


Again, pardon my ignorance if this is a simple solution, this is the first 'real' application I have been building so any help is appreciated. Thanks!!!

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