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Cluster Mode SDK: perf-object-start




i am trying to get the output of top_file and top_client commands.

the cli commands are:

statistics top file show

statistics top client show


here is what i do in my code (Perl):

my $in_start = NaElement->new("perf-object-start");
$in_start->child_add_string("object", "top_file");
$in_start->child_add_string("sample-id", "sample_object");

$in_start->child_add_string("instance", <instance name>); # <instance name> is the name of the vserver i want to pull data from

#Invoke API
my $out = $server->invoke_elem($in_start);
if($out->results_status() eq "failed")
  print($out->results_reason() ."\n");

and this is the error i get:

Statistics collection for sample "sample_object", was not completed successfully. Reason: "For top_file object, no instances were found to match the given query." Please delete this sample.

when i login to the cluster admin vserver, and run the command from the cli, i do get the expected output.


can anyone provide a hint of what is missing in my code to get this working?




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